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March 26, 2014 / CB

Wednesday’s Written Word


“As it spoke, I could feel a horrible, hopeless weight settling across my heart.  Dammit, hadn’t I been through enough?  More than enough?  Hadn’t my life handed me enough misery and grief and pain and loneliness already?  And now I was going to be up against something else, something new and scary, something that came galumphing at me by the legion, no less.  What was the point?  No matter what I did, no matter how much stronger or smarter or better connected I got, the bad guys just kept getting bigger and stronger and more numerous.

Behind me, I heard Mac let out a low groan.  The shotgun must have fallen from his fingers, because it clattered on the floor.  On my left, I saw Thomas’s shoulders slump, and he turned his face away, his eyes closed as if in pain.

The people who stayed near me got hurt or killed.  As often as not, the bad guys got away to come embadden my life another day.  Why deal with a life like that?

Why did I keep on doing this to myself?

‘Because,’ I growled under my breath. ‘You’re Charlie Brown, stupid.  You’ve got to try for the damned football because that’s who you are.'”

~ Harry Dresden, in Cold Days by Jim Butcher


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