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June 18, 2014 / CB

Wednesday’s Written Word

photo by Jorge Royan, via Wikimedia Commons

photo by Jorge Royan, via Wikimedia Commons

“We need to somehow learn to slow down and pay attention, caring for what is in front of our noses.  I believe learning to care for our local setting, our permaculture, our neighborhoods, our own inner longings and needs — that is, slowing down and looking and listening and learning — are prerequisites for not only a sane way of living, but for regaining a love of reading and the ability to be readers.  One can’t love or pray or serve others well if we’re too damn busy.  We can’t read much, even if we want to, if our schedules are jam packed with shopping, blogging, managing our on-line accounts, and fretting about the functions of our devices, if we zoom to and fro between sports and work and home improvements and trips and fancy parties by the pool, and then home for a late night peek at facebook or worse.

If we are going to regain an unhurried life, a more sane sort of being attentive to what matters most (and recover the joys and benefits of the leisurely pace that good reading demands) we will need congregations that invite us to that way of life. We need churches that themselves have broken with the dominant vision of life in the Western world. Can we admit that sometimes the very structures and practices and attitudes of our churches actually encourage this same worldly culture of unreflective speed, dehumanizing efficiency and dis-integrating isolation?”

~Byron Borger


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