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January 8, 2015 / CB

I Dare You

It’s a good line, in a good scene, from a great movie.  “I dare you to do better,” Pike says.  It’s the kind of challenge that either makes you bristle and rise, or shrink and turn away.  After 2014, after a year that’s left so many of us bloodied in one way or another, it’s the kind of thing we need to hear.  It’s the sort of challenge which can shake us out of predictability and into something special.  We’re not all Captain Kirk (I, for one, don’t have the hair for it), but life gives us the chance to be more all the same.  So, as we start 2015, I want to spend a few words holding out the same challenge, the same dare, to you (and through you, to myself as well).

I dare you to do better.

I dare you to be kinder to people.

I dare you to actually talk to a cashier, rather than just mumble “thanks, you too.”

I dare you to listen to a child’s story and let yourself feel it like they do.

I dare you to read something you think is a little too hard.

I dare you to walk somewhere you would normally drive.

I dare you to eat out…without your phone.

I dare you to return your neighbor’s trashcan without being seen.

I dare you to cook something you’ve never eaten before.

I dare you to create something you care about.

I dare you to let other people see it or hear it or taste it.

I dare you to read a Nikki Giovanni poem at an open mic night, then follow it with something by Robert Frost.

I dare you to be brutally honest with someone, but speak gently enough that you don’t hurt them.

I dare you to let yourself be hugged.

I dare you to learn about a culture you don’t understand.

I dare you to take pictures of a place you’ve never been.

I dare you to fail without feeling guilty about it.

I dare you to write a story.

I dare you to sleep outside.

I dare you join a new group of people.

I dare you to go to church.

I dare you to work out when you’re too tired.

I dare you to serve someone who doesn’t deserve your love.

I dare you to read Romans 5:8 and believe it’s about you.

I dare you to witness something beautiful without posting it online.

 I dare you to do better.



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