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February 11, 2015 / CB

Wednesday’s Written Word

"Gazing at the Walls", by Brad Hammonds, via Flickr.

“Gazing at the Walls”, by Brad Hammonds, via Flickr.

“How is it possible to bring order out of memory?  I should like to begin at the beginning, patiently, like a weaver at his loom.  I should like to say, ‘This is the place to start; there can be no other.’

But there are a hundred places to start for there are a hundred names–Mwanza, Serengetti, Nungwe, Molo, Nakuru.  There are easily a hundred names, and I can begin best by choosing one of them–not because it is first nor of any importance in a wildly adventurous sense, but because here it happens to be, turned uppermost in my logbook.  After all, I am no weaver.  Weavers create. This is remembrance–revisitation; and names are keys that open corridors no longer fresh in the mind, but nonetheless familiar in the heart.

So the name shall be Nungwe–as good as any other–entered like this in the log, lending reality, if not order, to memory:




JOURNEY–Nairobi to Nungwe

TIME–3hrs. 40 mins.

After that comes, PILOT: Self; and REMARKS–of which there were none.

But there might have been.”

~Beryl Markham


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